You Should Write a Blog…

If I had a euro for every time someone said that to me, I wouldn’t need to write a blog because I’d already be rich and living in Miami enjoying my retirement, or at the very least Tramore. So why haven’t I done it before? Well I have actually!

My first foray into blogging was under the guise of my alter-ego, Joanna Ryde. I set up a LONG time ago and started sharing random shite. I enjoyed it for a bit but you might be aware of the story where I spent all my life dreaming about being a writer and then having a book published only for the company to go out of business a week later? No? I should write a book about THAT! Anyway, it made writing in character tough mentally and so I let the blog fade into memory.

Joanna Ryde and Amanda Brunker
Me with the AMAZING Amanda Brunker at the launch of my book, Diary Of A Ryde

My second blog came about as a result of late-night conversation with my friends Ray and Amanda. We’d chat for hours about all sorts of random shite in my apartment each and every Saturday after a night out in Dignity and Jury’s Ard Ri Hotel kept coming up. If you’re not familiar with Waterford, it’s a hotel that overlooks the city which has been abandoned for a number of years. I’ve always found abandoned buildings fascinating and the story moved on to Varosha, the ghost town in Cyprus that I’d talked about visiting with my sister and from those conversations, the idea for World Abandoned came about. I’ll be 100% honest and say it’s a lot of work researching for it so I don’t dedicate a lot of time to it but I did get to visit Chernobyl in 2017 which is something I wanted to do from the moment I began writing it. The video sums up a pretty amazing experience!

So what’s this chaotic shite about I hear you ask? Well I’m glad you asked because I’m about to explain. I’ve toyed with the idea of this for a while, at least a couple of years in fact but I never really felt it was the right time to do it. The name came about a few years ago. Myself and my good friend Patrick travel together a lot and have been to some very random places and in the course of one of those trips, probably when we were marooned in Tangier or something equally as ridiculous, I joked about our adventures and he said misadventures and that stuck. The chaotic bit comes from the legendary catchphrase “It was chaos Billy!” that anyone from Waterford will know and love. I had joked many times with Billy McCarthy about starting a blog called and with the domain already taken, I went for Chaotic Misadventures as a mash-up between that and the idea of it being centred around travel. He sadly passed away in late 2016 but I felt keeping the name was a nice tribute to a wonderful man.

Initially, I had planned on starting at the beginning of the year but with a trip to Canada planned, I thought I’d wait until after that. Since then I’ve been developing the site, designing the branding and editing holiday videos to upload to my YouTube channel. Now that all of that is done, I’m ready to begin. I wanted to get to a stage where I wouldn’t have to think about any of the other bits and could just sit down and write.

So here it is; the beginning! I hope you’ll follow along and enjoy reading as much as I know I’ll enjoy writing. You won’t be getting Pulitzer prize writing here but what you will get is a severe lack of bollocks and things being told as they are. So until next time, take a moment to follow me on FacebookTwitter & Instagram and subscribe on YouTube!

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